Welcome to Anok Discourse

A place to discuss anarchism

This is a discussion place for those in the Anok developer community and more broadly the anarchist movement. It is not a free for all, you are in our loungeroom, but saying that, feel free to use this space for discussions on organising.

  • This site is primarily for the discussion of anarchism, and also internet development by anarchists. This service is based on anarcho syndicalist principles.
  • If you require your blog or website to use the API for serving your comments system, contact @Anok
  • You will find discussions about various programming topics covering everything from the simple to the difficult. Feel free to ask questions, but maybe think about opening topics in a new thread if the discussions are beyond your current understanding, that way people can help and it’s accessible for others too.
  • Please approach discussions in the understanding this is a learning space and one based on mutual solidarity in that discussion.

Primarily, don’t be an arsehole. Those that divide us as workers are given the boot.