Elections, and it's the same old, same old.

The night of the 2019 Federal Election is over, and it's the day after.

I think there's a lot of people wondering what the hell happened. The 'Change the Rules' campaign of the unions may have had some impact on the voting, but not enough to get ScoMo out, and it looks like the right have made major inroads to embedding themselves in politics here in Australia. It's almost as if the elections were rigged in favour of the right wing.

Well, they are.

The whole structure of our decision-making systems is rigged. It removes the ability for people to learn how to make wise decisions by being included in decision-making processes. This should be happening at a local level in community participation, but it doesn't. Participation is more than trying to gain enough favour within local representatives networks to push through something you and your mates want. It's not just the big ticket items either, like where the new playground should go. It's about all the factors that go into making all the decisions.

In participating, people learn that what they decide has an impact, can feel those impacts and also be held accountable for those impacts when making a bad decision. They also learn that decisions involve give and take, and that generally we should look at the best outcomes because if we don't, it could be our interest that is next on the line, despite best outcomes.

The community need to learn that might is not right, because that can come back and bite them in the arse in a dog eat dog world. Federal politics removes them from this.

It's a marketing game. Fuck that.

Well, after a bit of a whinge and as I guess this is the first post to my new blog I should probably explain who I am.

I am an anarcho syndicalist in Australia, a member of the ASF-IWA and do a lot of varied stuff, from tech, to motorbikes, to eating, to drinking, to gaming and to union militancy. I do other stuff as well just can't think of it at the moment.

I thought I should probably start getting down some thoughts and using the nomasters.org domain for something rather than just waiting for the perfect use to pop up. Testing out Ghost installs was the excuse to get this subdomain going as a blog. You can also check out my comrade BlackCats blog, its also on the same codebase.

Anyway, this is it, about enough for the moment. I'll be back.