Confed update, mid July 2019

Things have been progressing albeit slowly with other life happenings going on. BTW you can also Gitter or join the Discord

Much of the areas the base code is being laid out, for example members are able to form groups and invite other members to the site. Members can only be connected to one group, but aspects such as the controls required over authorisation of the users by other members, and the move from an initiative (less than 3 members) to a group able to join or form Locals as a decision maker are yet to be done.

A group is required to have at least 3 members before being able to form a local, a local can be joined by other groups in the same region, upon agreement by all groups in the local. This same methodology cascades ‘up’ as groups federate. The groundwork of this monolithic task is only being laid atm.

Currently being working on:

  • A User can create one group, or be a part of one group.
  • A User can invite others to the group they are part of, however a vote at the next meeting is required for the person to become a member.
  • A User can create a Meeting, or set the regularity of the schedule (by default monthly)
  • A User can submit an agenda item up to a week before the meeting ‘due’ date. All users are emailed on submit of an agenda item, and a full agenda sent out in email a week before the Due date.
  • A user can vote on agenda items YES, NO, ABSTAIN, and comment (optional).
  • Lack of a vote by the Due date for the meeting, is counted as ABSTAIN
  • If a Group is part of a Local they are able to submit the agenda items that are voted up by their members to the agenda of the next meetings for all groups in the Local. And likewise with the Local to the Regional, and so forth.

Groups are affiliates of Locals

Locals are affiliates of Regionals

Regionals are affiliates of Federations

Federations are affiliates of Confederations